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TRAC Integrated Hydraulic Systems

TRAC Integrated Hydraulic Systems

ABT•TRAC's integrated hydraulic systems are used to support ABT•TRAC thrusters and ride control products as well as third party hydraulic devices such as capstans, windlasses, cranes, generators, bilge pumps and many other devices.

ABT•TRAC evaluates each boat application individually and configures the hydraulic system to meet the specific needs of the yacht.

ABT•TRAC typically uses quiet, high efficiency hydraulic piston pumps. These pumps are driven from the front of main engines or generators or from specialized PTOs (power take-offs) that have become more widely available on the main engines, the marine gear, or the generator.

Some systems include an AC power pack that can provide fluid power while at anchor.

ABT•TRAC hydraulic systems are designed with expansion in mind. Replacing that DC capstan with a hydraulic model down the road is usually as simple as adding an additional control valve.

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All ABT•TRAC hydraulic systems include high capacity cooling that allows all equipment to be operated continuously without overheating. System alarms warn operators of low oil level or high temperature situations.

ABT•TRAC's integrated hydraulic systems are installed on thousands of vessels around the world. Expert support is always available from factory technicians and through our global service network.

ABT•TRAC products are installed as standard equipment by more of the world’s top yacht builders than any other brand. For exceptional performance, highest quality, and unmatched support, choose TRAC.

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