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TRAC-Link Control

TRAC Link is an integrated CAN Bus control for TRAC stabilizers, thrusters, and auxiliary hydraulic loads.

TRAC Link is an integrated CAN Bus control for TRAC stabilizers, thrusters, and auxiliary hydraulic loads.  TRAC Link control allows multiple touch screen panels and thruster control stations to be connected via simple network cables.  Thrusters, stabilizers and auxiliary hydraulics can be controlled from the same touch screen.  TRAC Link also monitors hydraulic pressure and stabilizer performance.  TRAC thrusters can be precisely controlled to maneuver the vessel to the dock and hold it there.  Dual windlass control is available from the touch screen.

eTRAC is a new electric actuator for TRAC active fin stabilizer systems.  eTRAC operates without hydraulics and provides excellent stabilization underway and at rest, using STAR - (Stabilization at Rest).  TRAC engineers designed a robust power transmission system with digital electric motors to drive the TRAC fins.  The result is a sleek, elegant solution that is easy to install without compromising performance.

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